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Photo album & Photo frames

When people ask what they would save from a house on fire, most people say “my photos”. In a way a fairly obvious answer. Our photos are treasured possessions as they contain memories of unique moments in our lives. They bring us back to wonderful holidays, great family celebrations and inspiring everyday moments.

But sadly enough, our photos are not always at their advantage. Far too many photos are left in dusty drawers or never taken out from forgotten CD's or USB sticks. Such a waste!

Photo album

At BGA Nordic, we believe that your photos deserve a better fate. Enjoy looking back and do it in style. A photo album preserves your memories in the best, possible way. Find your most loved photos and put them in a beautiful album, where they get the appreciation they deserve.

You can of course create a small library with albums from various occasions. Your daughter’s wedding, the summer in Spain, hiking in the Scottish Highlands and other memorable moments. Then you can just get out the album of your choice and spend an evening of nostalgia. So much nicer than just looking at a boring computer screen!

At BGA Nordic you find photo albums in various sizes, styles and price ranges. Regardless of if you are after a cute album for the christening photos or a stylish album for the Paris trip, you are at the right place. Our goal is to have a very wide selection where you as a customer always find what you are looking for!

Photo frames

If you want to give one of your favourite photos a more prominent spot in the house, it’s perfect to frame it. At BGA Nordic we know frames and in our selection you find frames in all colours, shapes and models. We have both classic and modern frames, in both round and square designs. Some of them have room for several photos so you can share many memories in one frame. Photo frames are also stylish interior decorations. By combining a pair of gorgeous frames in different design, you can create an elegant photo wall out of the ordinary with your favourite photos.


It’s important to feel comfortable in your home. A home environment that is well thought-out in terms of light, colour and shape, brings out both well-being and creativity. It has a positive effect on our general quality of life and can even boost your immune system. Our home is also an expression of our personal identity. It shows our ambitions and dreams and who we want to be. Through the ages, people have decorated their walls with beautiful pictures and paintings. These are interior decorations that, in a simple and efficient way, convey both personality and taste.

In BGA Nordic’s wide selection you can find something for all walls in your home. Have a look at our many posters from talented illustrators and artists. We have a great selection for both children, adolescents and adults. Regardless of if you like colourful, minimalistic, romantic, abstract, imaginative or everyday designs, you can find something for you in our selection. Everyone can find something to create a cheerful atmosphere and gives new energy.

BGA Nordic focuses on everything regarding images and photos. Today the business consists of multiple stores in Sweden. Soon we will expand our business to the United Kingdom. Visit our homepage, www.bganordic.com, to find out more on where we are operating right now and how we plan to expand in the future.

Look us up on Instagram www.instagram.com/bganordic and get inspiration for clever photo albums, stylish photo frames and decorative posters.

In our store you also find photo accessories, greeting cards, passe-partouts, mirrors and much more. If you want something custom-made, we can usually be of service. Follow us on social media and stay updated on products and offers particularly for the United Kingdom!

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